• VIDEO: Smart Shadows

    Here’s a simple yet powerful example of how Smart Objects can save you time.

  • VIDEO: Copying Smart Filters

    One of the many advantages of using Smart Filters is the option to copy them to other Smart Objects…but there’s a slight trick to it....

  • VIDEO: Think Backwards

    This video shows an approach to building designs that are easy to edit – by thinking about the end result you want to end up...

  • VIDEO: Allow tool recording

    This is a big addition to the world of recording actions: the option to include tool recording:

  • Masks in video

    In this quick video I show a method of using a layer mask in video. Don’t worry that I quickly skip by a few fundamental...

  • VIDEO: Oil Paint Filter

    The improved Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop CS6

  • Editable Edge Effects

    How to create cool edge effects that can be edited – and used in other documents. See below for the links mentioned in the video....

  • What’s New in Photoshop CS6

    If you’ve upgraded from CS5 to CS6, here’s a series of videos that cover many of the new and improved features: Adaptive Wide Angle New...

  • Offset strokes

    See how to create offset strokes that can be edited.

  • “Hot” video

    Put a video inside type – quickly and easily in PSCS6