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  • New Online Training Site

    I am very pleased to announce the launch of the online training component of my web site over at There you’ll find both short...

  • TIP: Apply multiple Layer Styles

    Along with applying a Style preset that includes various layer effects, you can also save a series of individual style presets (e.g. only a drop...

  • TIP from Julieanne Kost: Mask from Transparency

    And this is why Julieanne Kost is the Queen of all things Photoshop and Lightroom….

  • Poor old jpeg

    I saw a thread on a Photoshop discussion board where several people basically said, “don’t ever use jpeg to save your files”, with the reason...

  • Photoshop World News

    In case you missed the announcement, all attendees at the upcoming Photoshop World in Las Vegas will receive a free year of Adobe Creative Cloud....

  • VIDEO: Path Editing Basics

    In this video I take a look at the basics of working with paths

  • from within Photoshop

    This is pretty cool: You can now try and buy’s fonts from within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Check it out

  • Type 101

    Adding some text in Photoshop is easy, right? Just click with the Type tool, start typing and voila, text! Well, like a lot of things...